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iPhone 14 calls, messages and features will be available network-free on Samsung smartphones



Major electronics brands such as Apple and Huawei are often one step ahead of other manufacturers when it comes to innovation. Both of these companies have already added satellite communications to their devices. And now, following those brands, Samsung is also reportedly planning to add satellite communication capabilities to his upcoming Galaxy S23 flagship series. The South Korean company has reportedly partnered with global satellite communications company Iridium to transmit data such as text messages and low-power images via satellite. You will be able to send calls and messages without

Samsung Galaxy S23 comes with satellite connectivity

According to a new report, Samsung is preparing to introduce satellite communication capabilities to its upcoming Galaxy S23 smartphone, which will allow it to transmit data such as text messages and low-power images. According to the publication, over the past two years Samsung has worked hard to overcome the technical challenges of satellite communications. In the future, it will partner with Iridium, a long-established satellite communication company based in the United States. Iridium 66 uses low-Earth orbit communications satellites to provide voice and data communications services in space.

By the way, a large antenna (RF) is required for voice and high-speed data communication via satellite. But no user would want to see such an antenna on a modern smartphone. Therefore, one of the biggest challenges associated with satellite communications is to design antennas that do not cause inconvenience or detract from the appearance of the device. ETNews reports that Samsung has fixed this issue.

It is also said that the technology for processing digital data by integrating mobile communication modems and satellite communication modems has been almost completed. However, Samsung has yet to reveal any information about this new feature.

Huawei and Apple, in particular, have already introduced satellite communication capabilities in their latest flagships. His Apple iPhone 14 users in the US and Canada can use this new feature to contact emergency services when cellular connectivity is unavailable. A US company estimates that under ideal conditions with a direct view of the sky and horizon, it takes 15 seconds to send a message via satellite communication (Sat-com), and 1 minute under bright or moderately dense foliage. I said it could take longer.

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