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Internet speed: how to speed up slow mobile internet speed, how to change some settings



internet speed tips : Slow internet speed is one of the most annoying situations. Because of this, useful work is stalled in the first place. On the other hand, spending a lot of money on high-speed Internet access seems like a waste. In such situations, many people think to switch to his Wi-Fi connection option to get better internet service. But before taking such a step, you should be aware of a few things. Is your internet slow or is it your phone’s settings? Also, if your internet connection is causing your mobile data speed to be very slow, you can fix it.

Why is my used smartphone performing slowly?

Before looking into why your mobile internet is slow, you need to know why your smartphone is performing poorly. Your smartphone or laptop may appear sluggish. But while the Internet is partly to blame for this slowdown, internal apps are equally impacted. For example, suppose you have many apps open on your device at the same time and they work together in the background. In such situations, it is normal for your device to slow down.

The second reason could be a bad internet connection. That is, if you live in an area with few cell towers but many users. Cellular towers are overloaded, naturally resulting in very weak phone connections. Also, your internet speed can be slow even if your phone is misconfigured. In this case, you can increase your internet speed by changing your phone settings.

How can I increase my internet speed?

Clear your mobile cache.

Clear or delete mobile cache files at regular intervals to increase internet speed. Because too much cache folder accumulating on your mobile will affect the performance of your device. It can also slow down your mobile internet speed.

Close applications running in the background.

Social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram consume the most data. So, if these apps are running in the background at the same time, they can slow down your internet. In this case, clear these apps from the background. You can also disable or turn off autoplay and autodownload options by navigating to app settings from mobile settings. Then go to your browser and enable or turn on data saving mode. Now your mobile internet speed will be greatly improved.

Reset network settings.

A problem with your network settings is a serious problem that slows down your internet speed. So you can change your network options to increase your mobile internet speed. For this, go to your device settings. Under the “Mobile Networks” section, there is an option called “Network Settings”. Now set up your network by turning off the “Auto Configure” or “Auto Select” option and manually selecting an operator. Additionally, in the same section, you can tap on the “Preferred network type” option and select the 4G/LTE option to get a better internet connection.

Adjust APN settings.

Make sure your APN aka Access Point Network settings are correct. Because if the settings are wrong, it will slow down your internet speed. By the way, you can also adjust the APN settings manually. You can also call Customer Care to set the correct APN.

Turn off the automatic update option.

Even if the auto-update option is enabled or turned on, you may still experience slow internet speeds. This is because the Google Play app will automatically start downloading updates as soon as the internet is turned on. As a result, the internet slows down as it consumes a lot of data to download. So turn off automatic update mode and get fast internet.

Restart your phone.

If the communication speed drops suddenly, first check if the device settings are correct and how much data is left. If it still doesn’t speed up, restart your phone. This is because after restarting the phone, you can get your fast internet connection back. Obviously not. In situations like this, you might consider switching to another carrier or installing a Wi-Fi modem.

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