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India could become the home of the iPhone, a product from Apple to reduce its dependence on China



Popular American electronics brand Apple has been aggressive in moving to other markets to reduce its dependence on China for its supply chain. This American company has several supply chain partners, which manufacture and assemble the latest iPhone, iPad, Mac and other Apple products. Due to stringent measures to contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in China, Apple suppliers are moving to other countries to assemble iPhones and other Apple devices. Incidentally, Foxconn is an established supplier of Apple, which also has several plants in India. This supplier is already manufacturing the newly launched iPhone 14 along with other older iPhones in India. It is believed that India could become the next big hub in Apple’s supply chain as Foxconn plans to double or triple its workforce in India. Let us know about it in detail.

Apple may choose India as its new manufacturing hub for iPhone

According to a report by news agency Reuters, Apple’s biggest supplier, Foxconn, will quadruple its workforce over the next two years in India, where components are assembled into iPhones. The move is said to have been taken after supply chains in China were disrupted due to shutdown, Covid-19 restrictions and geopolitical issues. The world’s largest iPhone manufacturing plant in Zhengzhou, China, was also hit by strict restrictions from the local government. The impact was such that Apple had to reduce its shipments, resulting in longer waiting times for the iPhone 14 Pro models.

Notably, following the supply chain disruption in China, Apple is currently looking for alternative locations where its supplier partners can set up plants to manufacture new iPhones. China’s loss could prove to be India’s boon, as the new iPhone 14 was confirmed to be made in India just days after its launch. Previously, Apple’s supply chain partners manufactured iPhones in India a few quarters after launch. But this time Apple has confirmed that the production of iPhone 14 has started in India within a few weeks of its launch.

The iPhone 14 is said to be manufactured at Foxconn’s Sriperumbudur plant on the outskirts of Chennai. The iPhones manufactured here will be sold in India as well as exported to other markets around the world. Showing a ray of hope in the Indian supply chain market, Foxconn plans to increase the workforce to 70,000. The company may add another 53,000 employees in the next two years. While this still doesn’t come close to Zhengzhou’s 200,000 workforce, it is certainly a good start for India as a new supply chain base. The Foxconn plant is quite new, especially since it was launched in India in 2019.

However, Foxconn has not officially confirmed its plans to increase its workforce in India. But the Reuters report, citing government officials, said the supplier had given details to Tamil Nadu government officials. The plant also makes products for other global tech companies, but hiring may increase to meet growing iPhone demand. Foxconn will increase its production scale to meet the demand for standard iPhone models in India. There is no word on whether Foxconn or any other Apple supplier will assemble the Pro model or any other Apple product in India anytime soon.

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