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Immediately remove these 4 dangerous apps from your phone and steal all your banking information



Android users please be careful. Because we recently detected four Android apps that were detected to contain dangerous malware. This malware is particularly adept at bypassing Google Play Store security. They have already been removed from the Google Play Store. However, these apps had been downloaded over 10,000 times before being removed. Bleeping Computer reports that these four apps existed as file cleaners.

Remove These 4 Dangerous Apps Immediately

file voyager
X file manager
Light Cleaner M
PhoneAID, Cleaner, Booster 2.6

Why are these apps dangerous?

These four apps reportedly work to install banking Trojan malware on the device. This banking Trojan is called Hungerbot.

How does HungerBot work?

According to reports, Hungerbot malware steals sensitive banking information. To do so, we need to get permission to collect phone data from users. The malware then takes control of the banking application and steals Trojan login data every time the user signs into the app.

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