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If these 5 apps are on your phone, it can lead to a variety of losses, including bank fraud, name-calling, and more.



As time goes on, the incidence of online fraud is constantly increasing. In particular, scammers are exploiting people who are becoming more and more dependent on mobile phones and the Internet. Their main tools are various mobile his apps. In fact, scammers now bypass certain security check processes to make apps containing malware and viruses available on the Google Play Store. These apps also try to steal the user’s mobile banking details along with various personal data, login credentials, etc. So if you don’t keep your eyes and ears open, even the smallest of things can empty your bank account. Disturbingly, five such dangerous Android apps have recently been spotted. If you have these apps on your phone, you should remove them immediately.

In fact, there are reports that these apps not only steal data, but also empty bank accounts. Cybersecurity firm Threat Fabric has warned its mobile users not to download apps from official app stores or third-party links. If so, here are the five apps labeled as malicious.

Be careful if you have these 5 apps on your phone.

1. Recover Audio, Image, Video

2. Zetter certification

3. File Manager Small, Lite

4. Codex for fiscal year 2022

5. My Finance Tracker

Stay safe by doing these things

As mentioned earlier, if you have any of the above 5 apps on your phone, remove them immediately. Do not download apps from third party app stores or links. Also, change all bank passwords and PINs to stay safe. Additionally, when downloading an app from the Google Play Store, check its developer, data, and reviews.

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