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Honda CB500X or Benelli TRK502?Which bike is right for you



Who doesn’t want a long vacation, sometimes several days, to relax in addition to work in a monotonous life. For car lovers, riding in their favorite vehicle is something that makes them feel good in any situation. For work breaks or weekend getaways, you can easily ride Adventure his bike. You can comfortably enjoy a long-distance drive with a comfortable posture.

There are certain motorcycles that are versatile. Whether it’s a long trip or a daily commute, they are the experts. In addition, it is a bike that can be ridden off-road, high-road and low-road with confidence. His two affordable 500cc adventure models are the Honda CB500X and the Benelli TRK 502. Which bike is better among them? This report compares them.

Honda CB500X vs Benelli TRK 502: Appearance

The Honda CB500X model comes with a sleek design. There are no full fairings or large panels like other adventure models. The front features small triangular LED headlamps with bird’s beak extensions and a tall visor. The red frame is eye-catching. There is also a continuous seat and side-mounted exhaust pipes. The tail lamps are fairly compact and have LED lights.

Compared to the Honda CB500X, the design of the Benelli TRK502 is like an adventure bike. Its strong styling is complemented by front split headlamps, pointed lips, luggage racks and knuckle guards. This is why this model from Benelli has been so well received by customers.

Honda CB500X vs Benelli TRK 502: Features

The Benelli TRK 502 model features a small digital display and tachometer. There is also an instrument cluster and backlit switchgear, top rack knuckle guards and tank grips. The Honda CB500X, on the other hand, doesn’t have much beyond a fully digital instrument cluster and adjustable brake levers. In other words, both bikes have very few modern features.

Honda CB500X vs Benelli TRK 502: Prices

Price-wise, Benelli’s TRK 502 model lags behind Honda’s CB500X. The TRK 502 is available for between INR 54,900 and INR 5,590,000 while the CB500X has a slightly higher ex-showroom price of INR 58,000. However, the price of the TRK 502 varies slightly depending on the color you choose.

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