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Honda beats Kawasaki



No matter how many streetfighters and commuter bikes you see on Indian roads, sometimes superbikes roar off the highway. Their engine capacity is much higher than normal bikes and they have multiple cylinders. We sell quite a few each month. Last month, stats of such premium his bikes sold across India were released. The auto industry has seen an expected uptick as the festive mood continues throughout October. Let’s see who stands where on our list of best-selling big bikes.

Renowned Japanese bike maker Honda has started a trend with the Kawasaki Z900 topping its sales list in recent months. The Honda CBR650R is very popular as a premium his bike, and the smooth performance of the in-line 4-cylinder engine is enough to impress any superbike enthusiast. Honda made this model the best-selling superbike in October, when he sold 47 units.

Kawasaki’s Z900 and Z650RS follow closely. Both bikes sell 35 models in the Indian market. The great design and handling of these bikes is understandable for this success. Apart from this, their riding experience is also taken to another level.

On the other hand, Suzuki Hayabusa’s popularity as a superbike is undeniable. He has ruled this country for the past few years. Hayabusa is one of the fastest motorcycles in the world so far. Last October, the keys to this Suzuki bike were delivered to 28 of his customers. Last on the list he has one popular adventure touring bike, the Triumph Tiger 900. Selling just one (27) less than his Suzuki Hayabusa, this Triumph his model is a no-brainer.

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