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Honda Activa’s Vijayarat continues in October, outclassed



People’s interest in buying scooters has increased significantly over the last few years. However, there are various reasons for this. These gearless he scooters are very easy to ride compared to motorcycles. So anyone with a scooter can easily navigate through city traffic and reach their destination safely. In addition to that, it also has practical functions such as carrying things to the front. And the public’s love for this national scooter was evident in scooter sales figures sweeping across India last month.

Like every month, the Activa, made by Japanese company Honda, was the best-selling car in the country in October. 2,10,630 units of his Activa keys were offered to new customers. As of last October, this number stood at 1,96,699 for him. So, sales of this popular Honda-made scooter have increased by 7% in October in this two-year period.

As expected, TVS Jupiter is right behind. We now have a 125cc version in addition to the 110cc. The scooter, which was once Amitabh Bachchan’s own brand ambassador, sold 77,042 units last October, compared to 72,161 sold in the same period in 2021.

Known for its fuel efficiency and retro design, the Suzuki Access 125 occupies the third spot on the list with 49,192 scooter sales last month. Suzuki scooter last October he sold 46,450 units. So even in this case he is clear 5.9% improvement rate.

Now, looking at the list of options for the youth community, TVS Ntorq (Ntorq) is very high. TVS Ntork, which ranked 4th, sold a total of 31,049 units last month.

With the young in mind, Honda introduced the Dio scooter a few years ago. Last October he sold 24,134 units. However, as of October last year, the number was 25,641. Therefore, sales of this scooter fell by 5.8% in the same month for this two-year period.

Immediately after this is Hero Pleasure Plus (Pleasure+). Sales of this model in October this year and October last year were 14,927 and 21,716, respectively. From this, it’s clear that Hero Pleasure Plus didn’t amass many passers this year’s festival season. Next up is his 125 cc scooter Destini for Hero, the keys to which he reached 14,759 customers in October. That number was 12,898 at this time last year. This means that scooter sales increased his 14.4% during the holiday season this year.

Suzuki’s Burgman Street 125 maxi-style scooter, however, has found considerable business success. The Burgman, which sold only 7,199 units in October last year, increased by 74.4% to 12,557 units in October this year. On the other hand, the market for Yamaha RayZR is quite depressed. As of October 2021, there were 13,601 customers for this model, but last month it dropped to 11,683. Same situation with another model from the company, his Fascino 125. In October 2021 he had 13,487 sold, but last month he dropped to 10,501.

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