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Google warns millions of buyers could be at risk due to major Samsung phone flaw



Be careful if you use a Samsung phone. Today Google said that many Samsung smartphones have flaws. The flaw was present in the company’s custom-build smartphone software. But now it has been fixed. Google has written in its blog that commercial surveillance vendors are taking advantage of this loophole.

The tech giant also said that its Project Zero researcher Maddy Stone was the first to spot the flaw. He said the problem was hidden in Samsung’s custom OS. This helps hackers gain access to the phone’s data.

These Samsung smartphone users may be at risk!

The researcher said that exclusively phones powered by Exynos processors will be affected by this flaw. However, now the company has resolved this issue. But since older models like the Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy A50, and Samsung Galaxy A51 haven’t received the update, the error persists.

Keep these things in mind to keep your device safe

If you want to keep your device safe, there are a few things to keep in mind. Like always download the app from Google Play Store and never install APK file from any third party app or website. Also, keep the software of your smartphone up to date. Do not click on any unknown link.

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