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Good news for 5G phone users, Airtel 5G service now available for free in the city



Airtel launched its 5G Plus service in another new city, Guwahati, on Monday. Recently, the company also rolled out high-speed internet service in Gurugram. Hopefully, as promised, Airtel will gradually make his 5G Plus service available in other cities as well. Note that Airtel 5G Plus service is available in 13 cities in the country, except for Guwahati. Meanwhile, Reliance Jio also recently launched its Jio True 5G service in Bangalore and Hyderabad.

5G service will be available in these locations in Guwahati

Airtel’s 5G services are currently available at GS Road, Guwahati Medical College and Hospital (GMCH), Dispur College, Christian Basti, Ganeshguri, Sri Nagar, Ulubari, Ciriyakhana Road, Lachit Nagar, Beltal, Bhangarh and several other locations in Guwahati. Deployed at the selected location. The company said it will soon expand its high-speed internet service across the city.

Airtel 5G Plus service will be available in these cities in the country

Besides Guwahati, Airtel 5G Plus service has been launched in 13 cities across the country. These cities are Airtel Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Varanasi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Siliguri, Kolkata, Panipat, Nagpur and Gurugram.

Internet speed is 30 times faster than 4G

According to the company, Airtel’s customers will get internet speeds at about 20 to 30 times faster than 4G speeds, allowing high-speed internet service without buffering. Airtel customers have access to ultra-high-speed Internet for Internet activities such as high-definition video streaming, gaming, chatting, and photo uploading. At the same time, the company informed us that we don’t need to get a new SIM for the 5G Plus service.The new service can be used with the old 4G SIM.

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