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Geysers: Reluctant to bathe in winter? Geysers for just 1,800 rupees heat water without electricity



Most Affordable Geyser: Two types of geysers are currently the most sought after in India. One is a gas geyser and the other is an electric geyser. Find out now which geyser is best for you.

This extraordinary geyser works without electricity.

Geysers without electricity: Winter is here. And winter is cold in Konkan, which means the water is even colder. The heart does not want to bathe! That’s why you need a geyser. But the price of geysers is also quite high. Where the middle class can always find a good geyser! Inevitably, the gas must be burned many times to heat the water. And you run out of gas quickly. Additionally, when buying geysers in stores or online, it’s often confusing which one is the best. So the way? Currently in India he has two types of geysers that are most in demand. One is a gas geyser and the other is an electric geyser. Find out now which geyser is best for you.

Gas geyser –

Gas geysers are a very good option for you. A feature of this type of geyser is that it operates without electricity. Don’t worry if you don’t have electricity at home. You can effortlessly use this geyser. As a result, electricity bills are greatly reduced. Now there are also many gas geysers that heat the water very quickly. But among them ShineStar Gas Geyser is one such product and its price is only Rs 1800. You can easily buy it from any e-commerce platform.

Electric geyser –

Electric geysers are most sold in big cities. Because there is no power shortage in urban areas. If you live in Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore or any other city that does not lack electricity, you can buy it. However, electric geysers are not very useful in areas where there are many power issues. So, before buying an electric geyser, be familiar with the electricity in your area.

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If you are looking to buy an electric geyser, Havels is the place for you. Havells Adonia R 25 Liters Vertical Storage Water Geyser is a great product for you. The price of this geyser is Rs 23,585. not only that. On top of that, you get an additional 38% discount. As a result, its price is only Rs 14,699. However, this offer is only available from Chroma.

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