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FIFA World Cup: Angry Viewers Can’t Watch FIFA World Cup Soccer Matches at Jio Cinemas



The FIFA World Cup has only recently started as the mercury in cricket fever has not abated. , JioCinema, a well-known video streaming platform, offered live streaming capabilities for those who want to enjoy these matches from their mobile phones. has decided to broadcast the Football World Cup exclusively in India. The problem is, on the game’s first day, JioCinema created an enthusiastic and entertaining audience for its live streaming.

World Cup Live Streaming Issues

The FIFA World Cup is streaming for free on the Jio Cinema platform. That means you don’t have to pay extra to watch a football match from here. However, the Jio Cinema user faced a number of issues during his live stream of yesterday’s match. Platform crashes, video buffering, etc. made it difficult to watch the game comfortably. And soon the Jio Cinema hashtag started trending on his Twitter. Angry viewers took to Twitter to satirize the platform, quickly leading to a flurry of memes.

For example, India Today editor Cyrus John joked that Jio Cinemas is doing a daytime heist, comparing it to Voot.

Again, a Twitter user named Sanjay Singh shared a meme about what Indians go through when watching FIFA for free. Similarly, his Twitter handle named Bhatkela also joked about Jio’s film. Meanwhile, one Twitter user named Akhil Chauhan compared Jio Cinema’s servers to his Google and Netflix. Some have mentioned SonyLIV.

Geocinema didn’t open its mouth

Jio Cinemas has yet to say anything about this uncomfortable situation. In fact, they still tweet ads about the World Cup every hour.

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