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Facebook: One project after another fails, Mark Zuckerberg about to resign



Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently laid off 11,000 employees. He also apologized for the dismissal. But now we hear that Mark Zuckerberg himself is leaving the company. According to reports, Mater CEO may step down next year, i.e. he may step down in 2023. Zuckerberg is reportedly forced to resign after a string of failed projects. The report also claims that Meter’s communications chief, Andy Stone, may resign.

The website The Leak claimed in a report that Mark Zuckerberg plans to leave the company next year. He’s put a lot of money into the Metaverse project, but it hasn’t paid off. Moreover, the company is constantly incurring losses. Besides, their VR project didn’t respond particularly well in the market either.

Earlier last month, the Financial Times reported that Meta investors no longer trusted Mark Zuckerberg. The number of people investing in meta is starting to decline. This all came to light from Brad Gerstner’s open letter.

Mark Zuckerberg is said to be looking to sell himself after projects like Metaverse failed and some investors left. Note that in the Metaverse, Meta’s inventory is down by over 70% of his.

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