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Elon Musk plans to beat WhatsApp, but will there be a new app?



After fully owning Twitter, Elon Musk is planning a major overhaul of the popular social media platform. He has already announced that he will be adding some new features to this micro-his blogging platform. Not only that, but after the deal to buy Twitter went through, Musk laid off thousands of people, including many executives. So now it looks like they’re trying to do something like WhatsApp. But instead of launching a new app, the world’s richest man wants Twitter to offer WhatsApp-like functionality.

Twitter will be like WhatsApp. What exactly is Musk thinking?

Musk is now rumored to be adding WhatsApp-like instant messaging capabilities to Twitter. He is also considering adding features like end-to-end encryption, voice and video calling to the platform, according to The Verge and other media reports. According to the report, Musk said he wants platform users to be able to spend time on Twitter without worrying about privacy (i.e., without fear of data leaks, message leaks, or account snooping). To that end, the organization is thinking of something new.

Notably, the microblogging site notified users of a data breach in 2018 (well before Musk’s Twitter rush). At the time, the company said that for nearly a year, outsiders were able to access Twitter’s existing business profiles and access DMs sent between customers. Musk wants Twitter to be a secure chat platform.

Musk turned to Signal’s founder for help

Musk also recently reportedly discussed improving Twitter’s privacy system with Signal creator Moxie Merlinspike. In this regard, Musk said Merlinspike worked at Twitter and many years ago she wanted to add encryption to Twitter, but it never happened after creating Signal. So, in the next few days she expects voice-video chat and calling features to be available on Twitter if 2 vs 2 becomes 4, which means all speculation comes true.

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