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Elon Musk loses Rs 250 crore per day, will he buy Twitter tomorrow?



Since dominating Twitter, Tesla leader Elon Musk has been making headlines in the tech industry. However, news about the richest person in the world came to light in Halfir, shocking netizens. It is reported that Mr. Musk’s fortune has dropped significantly as his fortune has dropped significantly. Among those on the list of the world’s richest people, Musk’s fortune has declined the most, according to a report by American media Bloomberg. A year ago, the Tesla leader’s total wealth he had $340 billion, but in half he fell to $170 billion. I mean, Musk has amassed more than his $100 billion in less than a year, which is definitely sensational news. Doing the percentages, the Tesla owner’s wealth will drop by 37% in 2022 and as a result he will have to face a loss of around Rs 250 crore per day this year! The question swirling in everyone’s mind is, will Musk lose the title of richest person in the world?

But in addition to this, another question on everyone’s mind is what is the reason for Musk’s massive losses? We are pleased to inform you that since the beginning of this year, Elon Musk has been fighting for his Twitter takeover. And after putting an end to all speculation for so long, the Tesla boss has finally taken the reins of his Twitter, spending $44 billion last month. Since acquiring this popular microblogging site, the world’s richest man has made several changes to the platform. He made some drastic decisions, ranging from layoffs to increasing working hours each day, in an effort to reduce the company’s costs. Should it have to? According to a Bloomberg report, thousands of vehicles have been recalled from the market due to mechanical flaws in various Tesla models that directly affected Musk.

Tesla’s recent fortunes aren’t exactly good

According to the report, airbags in 30,000 Tesla models failed to function properly, sending the company’s stock price down. Tesla’s stock is reportedly down nearly 3% for him, to its lowest level in two years. As a result, Tesla has lost most of what it has gained in the last 17 months. The company has already lost more than half of its market share. And in the current situation of the market, experts fear that this loss will increase in the coming days.

Musk faced huge losses while focusing on Twitter

Since buying Twitter, Musk has turned all his attention to the microblogging platform, according to a Bloomberg report. As a result, his own working hours also increased from 70-80 hours a week to his 120 hours. Note that the richest person in the world owns a total of 5 companies, including Tesla and his Twitter. But his preoccupation with Twitter may have prevented him from focusing as much on other companies he owned, including Tesla, which led to Musk’s huge losses, the report said. I’m here.

Can Elon Musk turn Twitter around despite massive layoffs?

By the way, Elon Musk has so far laid off 60-70% of Twitter’s workforce, and about 1,200 engineers have voluntarily resigned to cut costs for the company. Musk claims Twitter is in practically dire financial trouble. Therefore, he chose the path of layoffs in order to make the company profitable by dealing with this eventual loss (although it is also known that a small number of employees were reinstated in order to improve the company). ). A few days ago, there were rumors that Twitter would hire new employees rather than lay them off. However, so far, no recruitment advertisements have been placed on the organization’s official website. Not only that, but to save costs, Tesla bosses rushed some benefits to the company’s existing employees. I know my employees have to pay. If so, let’s see what steps Elon Musk will take to recover all his losses in the next few days…

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