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Elon Musk Big Announcement On Twitter, Blue Tick Will Be Different For Everyone, Video Service Coming



Twitter continues to experiment with its Blue Tick service. It was recently revealed that Elon Musk will be resuming his Blue Tick service, though he has yet to confirm a specific date. Musk said in one of his tweets that he was delaying the offer of Blue Tick subscriptions. This is because the platform has many fake users. All these users must be identified first. Elon Musk also said that Twitter will soon launch a YouTube-like video service and creators will also earn ample income.

Blue Tick is different for each person

Elon Musk says Blue Tick subscriptions are coming soon, but Blue Tick isn’t the same for everyone. Already launched, the Blue Tick is being offered to politicians, celebrities, journalists and public figures. Again, separate blue checkmarks appear for organizational and personal accounts. Simply put, Elon Musk is trying to change the color of the blue tick.

The Twitter Blue service costs $8

Elon Musk launched his Twitter Blue service in some countries earlier this month. It costs $8/month, but has since been discontinued. The company suffered a lot from tweets from fake accounts of large companies. The Twitter Blue service has since been shut down. Twitter Blue is available in India for Rs 720 per month.

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