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Electric scooter brand Eveium invests Rs 250 crore in India, 100 showrooms per year



In July of this year, Ellysium Automotives, a subsidiary of Dubai’s Metaphor (META4) group, launched a new Eveium branded scooter in India. Seeing the growing demand for electric scooters in the country, all companies continue to open new showrooms. Similarly, Evium has also announced plans to go in that direction. They said they plan to open 100 showrooms in India by 2023.

Evium has already announced plans to invest Rs 250 crore to establish an electric vehicle manufacturing facility in Telangana.The company claims it already has over 1,000 from 11 dealers electric scooter Sold This is built on Indian soil. The company now sells three models of his electric scooter in India. Cosmo, Comet, and Tsar.

Evium Cosmo

The Cosmo is the cheapest of the three electric scooters. It has a 72 volt, 30 amp hour battery pack. The continuous cruising range on a full charge is 80km. Battery he fully charged in 4 hours. Comes with a 2 kW motor. This allows the scooter to reach a top speed of 65 km/h. The colors are bright black, cherry red, lemon yellow, white, blue, and gray. Cosmo is priced at Tk 14,400 (before showroom).

comet eveium

Comet’s specifications have evolved further. With the help of a 3 kW motor, it can travel at speeds of 85 km/h. It takes four hours to fully charge the 72 volt, 50 amp hour battery. The e-scooter can travel 150 km on a full charge. The Eveium Comet is available in Shiny Black, Matte Black, Wine Red, Royal Blue, Beige, and White color variations. The price is fixed at Tk 1.92 lakh (ex showroom).

Eveium Tsar

The company’s most expensive and flagship e-scooter is the Czar. Equipped with a powerful 4kW motor. The scooter has a top speed of 85 km/h. It has a 72 volt, 42 amp hour battery pack. It can run 150km on a full charge. It takes 4 hours to charge. Available in Glossy Black, Matte Black, Glossy Red, Light Blue, Mint Green, and White color schemes. The price has been kept at Tk 2.16 lakh (ex showroom).

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