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Earphones: Be careful when using earphones.Billions of people around the world are black



Headphones, earphones, earphones – these electronic products have become an integral part of our daily life. Whether at the office or at home, we have such devices in our ears for most of the day. Many people listen to music or watch movies on their mobile phones as a way to relieve the fatigue of their busy daily lives, and the use of such electronic devices has increased dramatically in recent years. But did you know that leaving such devices in your ears for too long can pose serious dangers and even people can lose their hearing permanently! is correct. This is known from information uncovered in some recent studies.

Wearing headphones for a long time can cause hearing loss

According to a recent study published in the journal BMJ Global Health, overuse of headphones and earbuds, as well as listening to very loud music, could cause hearing loss in nearly 1 billion teenagers and young adults in the near future. You may fall. Researchers at the Medical College of South Carolina, USA, said the government should issue strict guidelines on the proper use of such audio equipment to protect users. Meanwhile, another study by the CDC (U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) found that about 12.5% ​​of children and adolescents aged 6 to 19 (about 5.2 million) use earphones to listen to loud music. I understand. Her 26 million adults aged 20-69 suffer from serious ear problems. In addition to this, according to another report by the World Health Organization (WHO), her more than 43 million people worldwide currently suffer from various ear problems.

It can cause a variety of other problems besides hearing loss

In addition to hearing loss, prolonged use of audio devices such as smartphones, headphones, and earphones can cause various complex problems in the human body. Prolonged use of earphones creates pressure fluctuations in the ear canal. This can cause pain in and around the ear, and can even cause dizziness and migraines.In addition, wearing earphones in the ear for long periods of time can interfere with air circulation in the ear canal, creating a moist environment in the inner ear that can lead to bacterial infections. is more likely to occur. In addition, the electromagnetic waves emitted by headphones are also very harmful to the brain.

Therefore, for the safety of users, experts say that the volume when using audio equipment should be 80 decibels for young people and adults, and 75 decibels for children. Additionally, users are required to use such products for a period of time, which is often impossible for humans. It also brings great pleasure when people go to concerts of their favorite singers or nightclubs, because they have to listen to music with an intensity ranging from 104 decibels to 112 decibels. But in this case, even though it is a temporary pleasure, we must remember that high-level sound can seriously damage many other organs of the body, such as the ears, hair cells, membranes and nerves. So, if you want to avoid losing your hearing in the near future, you should follow these guidelines.

Follow these rules to avoid permanent or temporary hearing loss

1. Lower the volume

Whether listening to music or watching a movie, people turn up their headphones to avoid the noise of nearby cars while driving on the road. But as we said before, it can lead to hearing loss (even permanent loss). Therefore, always listen to music with earphones at a low volume. Some people turn the volume up so high that even the person sitting next to them knows they are listening through headphones. However, the user should not perform such work in consideration of ear protection.

2. Use noise-cancelling headphones

Many people turn up the volume of their headphones when listening to music so that ambient noise does not reach their ears. In that case, users can get rid of such problems by using headphones that support noise cancellation. You no longer have to suffer from ear problems.

3. Use headphones instead of earbuds

If work requires the use of headphones or earbuds for long periods of time every day, users have no chance to put these devices away. But even then, you can protect your ears if needed. To avoid ear problems, users can use headphones instead of earbuds. This is because the earphones completely cover the earlobe and are very close to the eardrum. Over-ear headphones, on the other hand, offer a degree of comfort in all locations.

4. If you use the earphones continuously for a long time, please give your ears a rest for a while

Rest your ears for at least 5 minutes after 30 minutes of continuous earbud use. Again, if work absolutely requires you to keep earbuds in her ears for nearly an hour, make sure he lets his ears rest for 10 minutes afterwards. Adopting this approach frees users from the risk of hearing loss.

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