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E-Shram Card: How to apply for E-Shram Card?



The central government is now implementing some beneficial plans for the citizens of the country. In that case, the Indian government has launched special benefits for those working in various unorganized sectors in India. The E-Shram card is created for various working people under new schemes or establishments where wage earners such as workers, craftsmen get a lot of economic benefits. can easily find a job. Again, with this card, the Government of India will provide insurance up to Rs 2 crore to workers in the unorganized sector. For example, if a craftsman with an e-labor card becomes disabled, he is given his Tk 1 million by the government. On the other hand, if someone dies, his dependents get Tk 2 ruff. The biggest advantage is that the worker does not have to pay the insurance premium (premium) for this insurance once. This service is provided through Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Cover.

The E-Shram card also has a pension plan

Government benefits go beyond financial assistance through insurance. Additionally, if a worker has her e-Labour Card, she can receive a monthly pension of Rs 3,000 after reaching the age of 60. If the worker dies before receiving the pension, the widow will receive a monthly pension of Rs 1,500. Apart from all these benefits provided by the central government, various state governments offer many other benefits to their citizens through the e-Shram Card. According to reports, the Uttar Pradesh government recently announced a monthly payment of Rs 500 to e-Shramik cardholders.

Keep the following in mind when creating your E-Shram card:

So much for the benefits, the question is what does it take to create an eLabor card? In this case, the age of the person applying for the e-Labour Card must be between she is 16 and she is 59. You must carry your Aadhaar card. Aadhaar must be linked to your phone number. Again, the applicant must have a valid bank account with her KYC completed. Also, please note that existing EPFO, ESIC and NPS members cannot apply for an e-Shram card.

How to register E-Shram card?

With the above points in mind, there are three ways to apply for an e-Labour Card.

1. In this case, to generate an e-Shram card, you need to open the link and fill in all the required information in the form.

2. If necessary, you can also go to your nearest Common Service Center to register.

3. Again, you can also apply for an e-Labour Card by visiting any State Government Regional Office, that is, a block office located in each district or sub-district.

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