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Do you miss a call even for a second? take care!Both body and brain become useless



Smartphones have now become an integral part of almost everyone’s life. Its uses are not limited to phone calls and long-distance communication, but most of us are currently busy around our smartphones and their internet connections. Study, work, play – it’s all done in this tiny phone. In that case, if you are always reading a book on your phone (you use your phone more) or have a habit of sleeping on your phone, you should read this news. Excessive mobile phone use can be detrimental to your health. Yes you read that right. The rays emitted by mobile phones are extremely harmful to the user’s health. From this you can suffer from many kinds of diseases. What are the harmful effects of overuse of smartphones? Let’s see.

If you use your phone more, you will face all these losses

1. Excessive phone use can cause radiation cancer. Yes, using your cell phone all day increases your chances of developing tumors, which can lead to cancer.

2. If you sleep with your cell phone close to your body, its radiation can seriously affect your brain.

3. Most consumers carry their cell phones in a pocket built into their belt. In this case, electromagnetic radiation can seriously affect bones and cause loss of the mineral fluids present in the body. I have.

4. Excessive mobile phone use increases the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Phone use can make you a victim of mental illness

One study found that overuse of the phone can have negative effects on the brain. This is because it damages brain cells and prevents oxygen from reaching the brain properly. DNA, on the other hand, can be affected by electromagnetic radiation emitted by phones. At the same time, excessive phone use can make users psychotic. You’ve probably seen most people today suffer from stress and depression. One of the reasons he has is a mobile phone. Therefore, limit indiscriminate use of mobile phones unless necessary and keep mobile phones as close to your body as possible.

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