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Dear Lottery Sambad Results 18.11.2022 1pm 6pm 8pm: Dear Lottery News Round 18 Results



Dear Lottery Sambad Today 18.11.2022 Results 1pm 6pm 8pm: The Nagaland State Lottery announced the results of the Dear Lottery or Lottery Sambad on Friday 19th November. Results for this popular lottery will be available at 1pm (1pm), 6pm (6pm) and 8pm (8pm). In this report, we upload lottery news results for these three periods. But before that, let’s talk about awards. The Dear Lottery’s first prize is Rs.1 Crore. Second, third, fourth and fifth class are Tk 9,000, Tk 450, Tk 250 and Tk 120 respectively. Let’s check out the results of today’s deer lottery news.

Dear Morning Lottery Sambad Today’s Results Nov 18 1pm

The results of the 18th Annual Deer Lottery News were announced at 1pm. The ticket number for the first prize is – 99E 98392. Also, ticket numbers 15875, 22132, 30139, 35296, 38395, 48593, 63527, 72031, 75238 and 86985 got him second place i.e. Rs.9,000. The ticket numbers of the other winners are as follows.

Dear Evening Lottery Sambad Today’s Results Nov 18 6pm

Dear Lottery News, The 1st Prize Winning Ticket Number for the 6pm draw on the 18th is – 41C 13225. Again he won second prize – 16132, 21202, 35642, 37676, 46353, 50798, 57873, 64846, 67147, 72273. The ticket numbers of the other winners are as follows.

Dear Night Lottery Sambad Today’s Results November 18th at 8pm

Tonight at 8pm, Dia Lotto News Night Lottery First Prize Winner Ticket Number – 65E 39205. Again his second prize i.e. Rs 9000 was won by ticket numbers 03903, 09734, 12754, 18662, 30313, 30848, 55234, 64166, 67507, 67613. The ticket numbers of the other winners are as follows.

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