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Dangerous Electronic Items: Old phone or headphones in the drawer? 8 scary electronic items that could explode, get them out of the house now



Tech Tips: There are many companies that recycle your old gadgets. But before that you need to know that some old appliances can cause problems by staying in your home for a long time and need to be recycled.

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Tips and Tricks: Every electronic device has an expiry date, which companies do not tell you. We never remove any old appliance from home because of emotional attachment. I don’t use it anymore, I keep a radio which is very old, which dates back to the time of our grandparents. But those very old devices can bring terrible danger to our life. Experts suggest that such old equipment should be disposed of or recycled. There are many companies that recycle your old gadgets. But before that you need to know that some old appliances can become problematic if they are in your home for a long time and need to be recycled.

1) leaving the old phone in the drawer

Feature phones, even smartphones, have lithium-ion batteries. In such a situation, keeping the old phone in your drawer for a long time can be a big danger. It is often seen that as the old phone gets old, its battery gets blown up. As a result, the phone can explode and cause major problems. Many may be injured unintentionally.

2) old router

Having an old router in the house means sending a direct invitation to cyber criminals. And if a cyber criminal becomes a guest in your house, just imagine the huge financial loss you can suffer. Older routers may not provide protection against sophisticated hacking. So hackers also find ways where there are old devices. Also, many old-fashioned electronic devices that are widely used can short-circuit and catch fire.

3) old power cable

Any cable can lose its insulation properties when it gets old. As a result, those wires can cause shocks, sparks and even fires if left unchecked. Also, unused wire for long periods of time can be fatal if it becomes old. That’s why throw away the old wire, don’t keep it in the house.

4) Broken Wall Socket

A broken wall socket can be scary for you. Especially if you have kids at home. Sockets contain small parts, such as nuts, bolts, and broken parts that can injure you. If you leave broken or damaged sockets at home, replace them to avoid accidents.

5) Old Bulbs and Tubelights

We often keep old bulbs or tube lights in the house. They consist of many small parts – inside them are tungsten fibers, chemicals and gases. Now if at some point that old bulb or tube light breaks, then its pieces can be scary for you. Remember, the metal and glass of all of these tools can be recycled.

6) Old charger

Older chargers use circuit boards, which are made of high-molecular polymers, glass fibers, high-purity copper foil, and printed components. Be aware, aging charger circuit boards can cause your house to catch fire and explode. The circuit boards of this charger are replaceable.

7) Old earphones and speakers

Earphones and speakers contain many toxic substances. Components such as magnets (metals), copper coils, plastics, and batteries are included. If they are not disposed of properly, they can pose a threat to the environment. The slightest battery leak in such devices can put you in serious danger. In that case, you can submit old or broken or damaged headphones to companies for recycling.

8) Old Hard Drive

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An old hard drive may look safe, but it’s not a good idea to leave it in a drawer when not in use. Hard drives consist of materials such as aluminum, protective polymers, plastics, and magnets. Such elements can seriously harm your environment. We can also recycle or disable old hard drives. But it needs to be properly disabled so that there is no data related issue.