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Buy iPhone 14, iPhone 13, iPhone 12 at the lowest price, Black Friday sale kicks off on Flipkart



Today is Black Friday, November 25th. On this occasion, popular online shopping platform Flipkart has already launched its Black Friday sale. This sale begins on his November 25th and runs through November 30th. The sale gives customers the opportunity to purchase a wide range of products at deep discounts. But most importantly, Flipkart’s latest sale, which is currently running at Flipkart, also offers significant discounts on the latest iPhone 14 series smartphones. Attractive bank and exchange offers will also become available, allowing users to buy old and new iPhone models at very low prices. As a result, this is definitely great news for those who have long planned to get this eye-catching smartphone from Apple for a slightly lower price.

Flipkart’s Black Friday sale lets you buy multiple iPhones very cheap thanks to attractive bank and exchange offers

It’s fitting to mention the bank offers available for various iPhone models in the Flipkart Black Friday sale. Besides, the customer can get a discount of up to Tk 17,500 by replacing the old phone and buying a brand new iPhone. Now let’s see how much a user has to pay to buy an iPhone model in Flipkart’s Black Friday sale.

All of these iPhones are very cheap during Flipkart’s Black Friday sale.

1. Apple iPhone 14

The original price of the new iPhone 14 with Retina XDR display is Rs 79,999. However, the phone is currently listed on Flipkart for Rs 77,400. But with all the offers available to buy this phone, you can buy the phone at Rs 72,400 at the moment.

2. Apple iPhone 14 Plus

The California-based tech company has launched an iPhone 14 Plus model with a larger display in India this year at a price of Rs 99,900. Flipkart is currently listing it on their site at a price of Rs 87,400. However, buyers can purchase this smartphone for Rs 82,400 if they take advantage of all the offers available during the sale.

3. Apple iPhone 13

The base variant of the iPhone 13 with 128 GB storage is currently priced at Tk 69,900, but the 9% discount allows customers to buy the phone from Flipkart at half price at Tk 62,999. Plus, take advantage of all the offers available during the sale and you can pocket the handset for Rs 58,499.

4. Apple iPhone 12 Mini

The compact-sized Apple iPhone 12 Mini is heavily discounted in the current sale.The device with a starting price of Rs 59,900 can now be purchased from Flipkart for Rs 35,499. Note that the mobile phone is listed at a price of Tk 37,999 on the e-commerce site.

5. Apple iPhone 11

The price of the iPhone 11 has been cut several times since its launch. As a result, the price of the 64 GB base variant of the handset in India is currently Tk 43,900. The device is listed for Rs 39,999 on Flipkart during Black Friday sale, but buyers have the chance to buy the phone for Rs 37,499 if they take advantage of some attractive offers offered by the company. You can get

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