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Bajaj announced the launch of the new bike on November 22nd. Is it his new 150cc Pulsar or something?



After much anticipation, a new model in Bajaj’s iconic Pulsar series is due to arrive on November 22nd. Bajaj keeps the official name and specs of the bike a secret. Over the past few months, the company has been seen testing several motorcycles on Indian roads. Additionally, they recently registered two of his trademarks named Darstar and Twinner.

Various sources say Bajaj’s next new bike will be none other than 150cc New generation pulsarIf the speculation is true, we’ve seen glimpses of the Pulsar N150 captured on camera during various road tests over the past few months. . Although its engine cowl and extended fuel tank are very similar to the Pulsar LS135. Meanwhile, the bike’s valve indicators and LED tail lights are completely copied from the Pulsar N160.

Models of the bike seen at road trials have split seats, decorative fenders, chain covers and license plate holders. Most interestingly, his new 150cc Pulsar uses the same chassis as his two models of the Pulsar 250 that launched a few months ago.

There is still some confusion about the performance of the Bajaj Pulsar 150. I assume you are using 150cc air cooling. The new engine will be far more powerful and sophisticated than the current Pulsar 150 model. Power and torque for the current model are 14 PS and 13.25 Nm respectively.

The suspension of the Bajaj Pulsar N150 uses a telescopic fork at the front and a monoshock absorber at the rear. As a braking system, disc brakes will be available on both wheels. However, it is known that drum brake variants will appear on the rear wheels as well. Its price could be a little lower.
Pricing for the new Pulsar 150 will be announced next Tuesday. Price is expected to be Rs 1.10 lakh (ex showroom). Just wait for the official announcement.

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