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Baal Aadhaar: Aadhaar card renewed at 5 and 15 years old with new regulations issued by UIDAI



Aadhaar card is one proof of being a resident of India. This very important document is therefore available to almost every Indian citizen from her 1 year old to her 80 year old living in this country. You may be wondering how to get an Aadhaar card for your 1 year old. In this regard, ‘India’s Unique Identification Authority’ aka UIDAI has launched ‘Blue Aadhaa’ or ‘Baal Aadhaa’ cards for newborns or children under the age of five. Recently, however, the UIDAI authorities announced new guidelines regarding the ‘Baal Aadhaar’ card. The directive mandates updating the biometric data on her Aadhaar card for her 5-year-old and her 15-year-old child.

UIDAI Makes Biometric Renewal Mandatory for Baal Aadhaar Cards

UIDAI recently announced on its microblogging site Twitter that biometric renewal of Aadhaar cards is mandatory for all boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 15, and the whole process can be done for free. In another tweet the same day, he said that his 12-digit number on his Bal Aadhaar card would not change after his biometrics renewal. Therefore, parents should complete her Aadhaar card update form as soon as possible and take their child to the nearest her Aadhaar registration center to update their biometric data.

UIDAI states in its guidelines that biometric data on children’s Aadhaar cards must be compulsorily updated twice. The first biometric renewal should be done when the child reaches her 5th birthday, and her ID card should be renewed her second time when the child reaches her 15th birthday.

What is Blue Adher Card? (What is the Blue Aadhaar Card?)

The Blue Aadhaar Card is different as UIDAI was launched only for newborns and children under the age of 5 (0-5). This card is called the Blue Adher card because it is blue. Please note that the Blue Aadhaar card expires when she turns 5 years old. Therefore, every parent is urged to renew her Aadhaar as soon as the child reaches the age of five. Where biometric details are included.

What is Bar Adha? (What is Baal Adha?)

Blue Aadha is called Bal Aadha. Similar to the Aadhaar card marketed to adults, it is assigned a 12-digit “unique” number. As a digital photo identification card, the card provides access to a wide range of benefits and government facilities for children from birth onwards.

By the way, biometric information is said to be updated after 5 years because the fingerprints of children can only be seen until 4 years after birth. As such, Blue Aadhaar cards do not contain biometric data such as fingerprints or retinal scans. As such, the central government of India has made it mandatory to update the biometric data on the Bal Aadhaar card after the child turns five years old. Also, thumb impressions and fingerprints change with age, and so does physical appearance, so parents are encouraged to update their biometrics again when a boy or girl turns 15.

Renew your Baal Aadhaar card in this way.

1. If you would like to update your child’s Aadhaar card biometric data, please first visit the website

2. To book your Aadhaar card renewal, click on the booking option on the page and select your nearest Aadhaar center location, date and time slot.

3. Visit the Aadhaar center of your choice with your child’s birth certificate or proof of birth, identity card and address document on the appointed day. In this case, the parent must also present the Aadhaar card when registering or renewing the Bal Aadhaar card. So remember to carry your ID with you.

4. Aadhaar officers collect the child’s facial image and fingerprints and add them to the biometric data.

5. Finally, after renewing the Aadhaar card, the executive will issue a confirmation letter. This slip may be useful in the future, so please keep it in a safe place.

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