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As Demand Continues to Grow, Kia Brings More Electric Vehicles to India to Keep Customers Happy



South Korean automaker Kia Motors launched its EV6 electric vehicle in India in June this year. And announced the sales of 200 units from the beginning of November. Kia Motors has set a sales target of 100 units for the first year of the EV6. Seeing this increase in sales, we plan to increase our car imports. So that we can deliver the accumulated bookings within the year.

The EV6 is Kia Motors’ first battery-powered model in India. It was released in June this year, but Kia Motors started delivery in October last month. The demand for cars is increasing day by day. Prior to its launch in this country, the number of pre-orders exceeded 355. There is no sign of stopping, and buyers are making purchases by depositing deposits in advance.

In this regard, Kia India Chief Sales Officer Mayunk Sik Sohan said: This is very advanced in terms of technology and functionality. Since its launch, it has received quite a response so far. With 100 models planned for 2022, we promise to deliver to our customers soon. ”

By the way, Kia EV6 is based on the company’s EV Electric Global Modular Platform. The cruising range on a full charge is said to be 500km. Meanwhile, the company has said it will launch an electric vehicle in 2025, with only the Indian market in mind. The EV6 rivals the BMW i4 on the market.

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