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Apple Accused of Stealing iPhone Users’ Data, Kulup Says



Experts recently had Apple face a big question mark focused on the security of iPhone users. In Halfir, researchers at a well-known company have challenged the Carpetina-based tech company, saying it tracks users’ personal information. According to Mysk’s multiple tweets, Apple tracks all the activities of his iPhone users through “Directory Services Identifiers” or “DSID”. In this regard, note that the technology company’s own Device Analytics and Privacy Forum states that the company does not collect information that can be used to personally identify users. is associated with your username, email, and data linked to your iCloud account. So why did the researcher make such an accusation against Apple?

Researchers claim Apple monitors users’ personal information

Researchers claim that Apple can track users’ App Store browsing details through DSID. However, it’s still unclear what exactly the company does with that data. In this regard, Apple’s forums state that it collects system information through its applications and virtual assistant Siri (Siri) to improve and develop its products and services. Again, the company gives users the option to verify this information. For this reason, the user should follow these steps step-by-step:
Settings > Privacy & security > Analytics & improvements > Analytics data
In addition, users will be provided with the necessary options to opt-out of sending analytics data to us. But despite all this, researchers claim Apple can track user activity from his App Store on iPhones via her DSID.

It’s not entirely impossible for Apple to access users’ private information, researchers say

In a tweet, Misk said Apple knows everything about a user’s activity while browsing apps on the App Store. The Carpetino-based tech company shared a video detailing how all of a user’s personal data is being accessed.The researchers also said there was no way for the user to circumvent his DSID. , stated that it is virtually impossible to stop Apple.

Apple has so far been tight-lipped about the allegations.

Separately, Mysk researchers claimed that Apple tracks all user activity on the App Store via JSON files. Note that the company has been monitoring App Store activity since iOS 14.6 (iOS 14.6) was released in May 2021. However, the Carpetina-based tech company has yet to respond in this regard.

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