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Ampere announces two-week service camp for electric scooter owners to get big discounts



Ampere Electric is currently India’s third largest electric scooter distributor. Its principal company is Greaves Electric Mobility Private Limited or GEMPL. Ampere announced that it will host an “Ampere Care Camp” for Tadeh’s customers. The organization has informed that the action will continue nationwide from Nov. 14 to Nov. 28. The service will be available from all GEMPL touch points.

What are the benefits of Ampeer Care Camp?

The company’s customers can receive various offers and discounts from this camp. Scheduled maintenance customers receive a 25% labor discount. In addition, the buyer can buy spare spare parts at a 10% discount for him and a 10% discount for him when purchasing an extended warranty.

Needless to say, this camp of Ampere proves how proactive they are in providing after-sales service to their customers. Currently, their customer base across the country is he over Rs 1.7 lakh. ‘Ampere Care Camp’ once again offers a Sit and Draw contest for kids, 24/7 roadside assistance and a 5 year extended warranty.

At the camp, the company’s customers will have the opportunity to test drive the new model. Customers will also receive thorough training on how to handle the electric scooter. Incidentally, the Ampere name has emerged as the country’s third-largest company by sales of electric scooters. Last month, the company sold 9,173 of his electric scooters.

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