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Airtel Recharge Plans: Rs 99 minimum plan is currently Rs 155, is Airtel planning to increase the price of all recharge packs by more than 50%?



Airtel Rs 99 plan discontinued: Airtel offers users 1 GB data, unlimited calls and 300 SMS in this Rs 155 plan. So, on the one hand, the cost is increasing, so the offer for that plan is also increasing.

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Airtel tariff hike: The country’s private telecommunications company Airtel Bharti Airtel has increased the price of its recharge plans. The company hasn’t announced it, but the latest report says the same thing. According to that report, Airtel has raised the cost of its minimum charging plan by 57% to Rs 155, his 28-day pack to customers. However, for now, this recharge pack cost increase has only been implemented in Haryana and Orissa. So Airtel Plan costs won’t go up anywhere but those two states? The report also mentions that Airtel has launched an attempt to increase the cost of recharge packs.

As reported by news agency PTI, Airtel has dropped its recharge plan with a minimum of Rs 99. With that plan, the user was charged 2.5 Pise per second for his 200MB of data and his single call. Instead, the 57% increase brought the cost of the plan to Rs 155. Airtel offers users 1 GB of data, unlimited calls and 300 SMS on this Rs 155 plan. So, on the one hand, the cost is increasing, so the offer for that plan is also increasing.

Meanwhile, Bharti Airtel is considering raising tariffs in Haryana and Orissa, according to ICICI Securities. The reason for this is that such a move by a company can involve significant risks. Basically, the move was taken by private telecom companies to see how customers reacted after the plan’s cost increased. This plan is mainly for his 2G users and does not affect 4G users at all.

According to a PTI report, “The previous recharge of Rs.99 offered talk time of Rs.99 and just 200 MB of data in 28 days. Data, up to sending 300 SMS, you get a lot of benefits.When affordability is paramount for this customer segment, the 57% increase in the minimum recharge price is huge.”

But this is not the first time. The company had previously tested similar markets. In 2021, Airtel has increased its recharge plans from Rs.79 to Rs.99 in various areas. Now, the company may discontinue the 28-day plan containing data on SMS and all plans below 155 rupees where the company has adopted the tariff increase plan, the report said. This means that a customer will have to spend a minimum of 155 rupees to run his basic Airtel plan on a mobile phone.

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“Barti Airtel will take the first steps to implement tariff increases in the current market conditions. It is expected that if the company does not get support from the rest to raise the cost of this recharge plan, the Rs 99 plan could be reversed.But which company will raise tariffs first The question is whether Airtel will get the rest of the support, or will others reject Airtel’s offer?”