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Ahead of soccer World Cup, Reliance Jio launches 5 new plans with data and calls



The FIFA World Cup 2022 starts next Sunday, November 20th. After four long years of waiting, one of the best players in world football is set to meet in Qatar. Only time will tell who will have the last laugh in this battle of 32 nations. But all teams are ready to give their best. Overall, right now the whole world is excited about the World Cup in Qatar. That is why Reliance Jio has launched his 5 new international roaming plans for those suffering from football fever. The plans will be available to football enthusiasts traveling to Qatar, the UAE and Saudi Arabia, the telecom company said. Users can choose these plans according to the number of matches they want to see in Qatar. Customers can select their preferred international roaming plan from or the company’s MyJio app. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits available with Jio’s newly launched international roaming plans.

Jio’s Rs 1,122 IR Roaming Plan

This data plan provides 1 GB of data and is valid for 5 days. However, standard PayGo charges apply after all data usage.

Jio’s Rs 1599 IR Roaming Plan

This plan is valid for 15 days. This plan offers a total of 150 minutes of voice calls, including local calls, return calls to India, and incoming calls. Additionally, the user gets 1 GB of data and 100 of his SMS through this plan. However, the company said that he will be charged 1 rupee if he exceeds the incoming limit on Wi-Fi calls, and his normal Payo rate will apply if he exceeds the outgoing limit.

Jio’s Rs 3999 IR Roaming Plan

This plan provides 250 minutes of local and call back to India plus 250 minutes of incoming voice calls for 30 days. It also gives you 3GB of data and 100 of his SMS. However, if you exceed the incoming limit, you will be charged Rs. In addition, if the number of outgoing calls exceeds the upper limit, the normal payo rate will be applied.

Jio’s Rs 5122 IR Roaming Plan

This data plan provides 5 GB of data and is valid for 21 days. However, after accessing all the data available in your plan, standard Paygo fees apply.

Jio’s Rs 6799 IR Roaming Plan

This plan offers 500 minutes of local calls and call backs to India and 30 days of free incoming voice calls. Plus, it also comes with 5GB of data and 100 SMS.

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