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A Harley-Davidson flying at rocket speed in the light of a pulsar. You will be amazed at how your bike changes.



Just like eating biryani all year round isn’t fun, the longer you ride a premium bike, the more it tastes different. If you can incorporate new things into your daily life, you can make your life colorful. And to meet this demand of buyers, various organizations have arisen that specialize in bicycle modification.

The Bajaj Pulsar customization is the hottest cheap motorcycle on the streets of India. But the Pulsar headlights on the “Big Bike” are beyond imagination. His garage in Poland called Sajba wowed bike enthusiasts. Harley-Davidson V-Rods – Mephisto and Grunwald – have modified these two models to give them a completely different look.

Amazingly, Harley-Davidson’s V-Rods used the Bajaj Pulsar NS200 headlights and Ducati Panigale rear for two customizations. An extended swing arm and a rear-linked monoshock are added separately. The fuel tank and exhaust pipe badges also have a silver finish.

However, there is no clear information on whether the pair of bikes have had performance upgrades. The rear has a free-flow exhaust system and Nitrox oxide cylinders. V-Rods fly like rockets when the onboard NOS system is activated.

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