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1 lakh rupees 23 thousand rupees lost while knowing PF balance. See the correct way to check your PF balance



Most employees today want to have PF along with their monthly salary as it provides future security. In general, however, salaried workers of private organizations often have concerns about whether PF deposits will be made on time. In addition to this, the question of the amount deposited in the account also comes to mind. Therefore, the PF balance should be checked from time to time. In this case, there are many ways to view the PF balance. Users can easily do this by visiting her website at EPFO ​​or using the Umang app. However, in many cases, users check her PF balance through other fraudulent methods without the help of approved services. So users have to fall into the hands of crooks and face big losses in some cases. Recently, news came to the fore of a sensational case of a large amount of money lost due to a scammer’s trap.

One person lost Rs 1.23 lakh in the hands of hackers while checking his PF balance

A 47-year-old man from Andheri, Mumbai recently found 1 million rupees while checking his PF balance. But how did this tragic accident happen? According to reports, he works as an accountant in a private company. Recently, he was looking for his EPFO ​​helpline number on the internet to verify his PF balance. After searching for a long time, he found a helpline number on the Internet, not even realizing that the number was fake. In fact, the scammer himself uploaded this number to the Internet to trick a simple commoner, who unknowingly fell into the trap of the scammer’s page. And he thought it was the correct helpline number, so he called right away.

According to a Free Press Journal report, the scammers then instruct the person to download a remote access app to find out their PF balance. And according to the rogue, this brutal accident happened as soon as the person downloaded the app. According to police, the hackers stole Rs 1.23 lakh from the person’s account through his 14 transactions.

The person reportedly tried to open the EPFO ​​website on his mobile phone, but it did not load. Then, on the internet, he started looking for PF’s customer care number, only to find that a fraud trap had been set up. After calling the fake phone number, the fake helpline officer reportedly instructed the person to download a Remote His Access app to the phone. The person then shared his nine-digit code with the fake cop. According to police, the scammer is asking the person to log into his electronic payment gateway system and pay some money so that the process of checking the PF balance can begin. And thanks to this clever trick, hackers lure victims to scams and steal hundreds of thousands of dollars from their accounts.

Do not get the customer care number from any source other than the official website.

Therefore, there is no need to individually tell users that they should take proper care when checking their PF balance, because if they accidentally make a small mistake, the user will have to face big losses in the future. Simple ordinary people often fall victim to scams as online customer care numbers are easy to edit. I need to get a number. So let’s take a closer look at how to check your PF balance safely and hassle-free at home.

You can find your PF balance very easily at home by adopting the following method.

1. How to check my PF balance on the EPFO ​​portal?

To check your PF balance on the EPFO ​​portal, you must visit the official EPFO ​​website or click the link Then select the “Our Services” (Our Services) tab and click “For Employees” (For Employees).Currently users are[メンバー パスブック]and enter your UAN and password. Users can then view their passbooks. Please note that if you work for multiple organizations, you will have multiple member IDs.

2. How to check PF balance from Umang app?

To check PF balance on Umang app, users need to download the app first, then users need to enter their UAN and OTP (one-time password) to log in and check the balance of their PF account.

3. How to check PF balance by SMS?

Users can check their PF balance by texting 7738299899 by typing “EPFOHO UAN ENG” using their registered mobile number and UAN (Universal Account Number). Note that her 3 characters at the end of the message indicate the language in which the user would like to receive messages containing her PF balance information. We are pleased to inform you that this service is available in a total of 9 languages ​​including Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, Punjabi, Telugu and Malayalam.

4. How to check PF balance with missed calls?

Registered users can make missed calls to 011-22901406 from their registered mobile number on UAN. You will then receive an SMS with your PF balance details.

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